Welcome Back Ricky!

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I AM BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!


I am going to start doing alot more youtube videos and post here on my site so stay tune!

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So i just wanted to know if anyone ever comes my site?  IF so let me know!

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Little Update Is Here!

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Did a little update to the site at 1:45AM Yes!

Let me know what you think?

I have also added a Donation button on the side to help out with the youtube channel!  I hope to get up there in the ratings at some point but i can get there without you Guys/Girls!  I really need some help on what you would like to see?!?! I will try my best to stay up with everything when it comes to Android but its very hard.  I would love to know what YOU are looking for in a youtube channel…what would you like to see?  Maybe a day in the life of Ricky?  A tour of where i live maybe? (dont pick this one lol) Me sitting there slapping myself in my face for 1 minute?  I am here to make you guys happy and enjoy my youtube channel!  But i can only do this with your help and support!

If you have any ideas follow me on twitter and let me know there or just post on this post and let me know!

Thanks for reading this i hope someone out there reads these and follows my site….

Also to anyone that donates will be getting a login to my website so you can follow me that way and maybe some special stuff in the future!  Maybe some giveaways to ONLY YOU!


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My Site Needs Some Work…

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To anyone who visits my site can tell its not that great…i know so starting this week i plan on doing a little updating to it and hoping i can make it look much better!  I will be also offering people to be able to become members to my site more info to come!  If anyone would love to give me some feedback that would be great! Comment below or you send me a tweet!

Thanks for all my supports if it was not for you i would not be doing this!

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Asus ROG GX1000 Part 2 Review/Update

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